FuturICT is at heart of a revolutionary 21st Century science, which will use and develop information and communication technologies (ICT) to create a decision support system, combining data with models in order to solve the grand challenges humanity is facing.

FuturICT will lift our knowledge of social and economic systems to a new level of understanding, enabling us to discover promising paths towards a sustainable future.

The FuturICT flagship proposal intends to unify hundreds of the best scientists in Europe in a 10 year 1 billion EUR program to explore social life on earth and everything it relates to. The FuturICT flagship proposal will produce historic breakthroughs and provide powerful new ways to manage challenges that make the modern world so difficult to predict, including the financial crisis. Here is the official ranking and description of all EU flagship pilots, and here you can find out more about FuturICT.

FuturICT Hungary Hub

The goal of sciences has always been twofold: understand the world around us and contribute to the development of mankind, improve the quality of the life. As human society is getting more and more complex, new problems and opportunities are arising as consequences of globalization, technological, demographic and environmental changes. To combat these challenges we have to unite the forces of many disciplines and reach new scientific breakthroughs, address the techno-socio-economic challenges in a common multidisciplinary framework. Hungary has a long tradition of excellence in various fields of sciences and a strong commitment to participate in the FuturICT effort.

The project

Today, we know more about the universe than about our society. It's time to use the power of information to explore social and economic life on Earth and discover options for a sustainable future. Together, we can manage the challenges of the 21st century, combining the best of all knowledge.

The FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator is a previously unseen multidisciplinary international scientific endeavour with focus on techno-socio-economic-environmental systems.